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It’s time to start planning your summer beach outfits. Whether you are going on a beach vacation, beach date, or just spending a lazy listening to the waves crash on the shore. I’ve put together a long list of stylish and cute beach outfits that will give you some ideas for various beach events and activities so you will know what to wear to the beach.

Beach outfits that are a little dressy are great for dates at the beach or beach events like a concert or evening cocktail gathering. Casual beach outfits are for those days when you want to go to the beach but not get into the water because you’re admiring it from afar. You could be enjoying a good book or just hanging out with friends. Then there are those cute beach outfits that you would wear.

Continue reading to get some beach outfit inspiration and style tips, so next time you go to the beach, you know what outfit to wear.



This beach vacation outfit, the accessories were a must, hat, and sunnies for sun protection because the sun rays were intense. The simple breezy top has little patterned details which match the style of the bracelets I’m wearing. A maxi dress is a great example of stylish beach attire. A beach maxi dress can be dressed up with heels or depending on the length of the dress you could wear cute flat sandals.



For your time in the sun, nothing beats a bikini but if you want to add some pizazz and make it extra boho add a flowy floral beach coverup, beaded accessories and a hat. The floral embroidery matches the floral pattern on the coverup which helps create a cohesive beach look. The cover up I’m wearing of this beach outfit is from Sole Society. If you’re looking for something cute and affordable, they have a lot of great options.



For a day spent on the sand, this tie-dye bikini with denim shorts is the perfect combo. Remove the shorts if you are tanning so you don’t get the crazy tan line. you like to add on a pair of shorts for those transition periods. Walking from the car to the beach, the beach to lunch, from the beach to grab a cocktail, etc. Add in matching bracelets and a sun hat, and you’re ready for the sunshine.



Do you have a romantic summer date coming up? Or are you planning on having a nice date with your significant other during your vacation? This calls for a summer date outfit! Make sure this beach outfit is a little dressy, cute, and flirty. For this summer date outfit, you wore an off-the-shoulder dress, some cute strappy sandals, a fringe bucket bag, and a hat!



Do you need to wear a beach outfit that is a little more dressed up? Why not opt for a maxi dress! A maxi dress is a great example of stylish beach attire. A beach maxi dress can be dressed up with heels or depending on the length of the dress you could wear cute flat sandals. It’s got a beachy vibe but is classic in style with accordion pleating and the stark white top. Think about trying a dress with an ikat print, floral, tie-dye or stripe!



Wondering what to wear to the beach? Why not a maxi beach cover-up! This is a simple, sexy and stylish beach option if you want to show off your bikini but still feel like you need something for a little coverage. They are such an easy way to look dressed and feel appropriate when walking around or just hanging out by the hotel beach lounge. Make sure to put on sunscreen! This type of material will not provide protection from the sun, so keep slathering on that sunscreen so you don’t end up with weird tan lines.

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