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Types of Jeans That You Need To Live Your Denim Life

If there’s one piece of cloth around which our life revolves, it has to be jeans. No matter when & where this is one thing that stays constant across the globe in every culture & social background. Practically, if we see we spend most of our time in that one pair of jeans only & it becomes like our second skin because those one jeans are of the perfect fit and comfort. But we still can’t stop ourselves from buying a new pair whenever out on a shopping spree because there are just too many varieties in the market. It doesn’t matter that we are not going to wear it anytime soon and the tags will keep sticking out of them in our cupboards for months. Buying them is where the fun lies and life’s too short to spend it wearing a single type of denim throughout. So, the next time you are out shopping, experiment with your look with these forever-trendy 16 types of jeans for girls and get ready with a new wardrobe that is every occasion friendly!

Skinny jeans :

Because one thing we all swear by is our one favorite pair of black skinny jeans that practically goes with everything we own. Skinny jeans are skin hugging as the name suggests and just snuggle you. For showing off the perfect shape of your legs, these are the best option in the market. They are usually very stretchy and come in different cuts for you too chose as per your choice. For anyone comfortable in their own skin and want to flaunt their legs, go for them!

Straight jeans :

Straight jeans are the new alternatives for your work pants. These are straight and narrow and very well flattering. What makes them different from your regular skinny jeans is the fact that they do not cover your ankles and fall just above them. This jeans for girls is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to flaunt her curves.

Flare jeans :

Another old age style which should be carried for a vintage look to your wardrobe. These types of jeans for girls are similar to the bootcut ones. These also have a wide opening at the bottom from knees to ankle. The jeans are well tight fitted above the knees so that the flare is well visible. Pair them with a turtleneck sweater for the on point vintage look.

Ripped jeans :

Earlier, we used to throw away the jeans that got torn and now, we cut out jeans using blades and sandpaper for the cool quotient. Ripped jeanshave become super famous and everyone’s favorite. Near thighs, at the back, in front, one leg, whole leg etc. no matter what’s the placement, Rips are in!

High-waist jeans :

The fashion trend of 2022 is definitely these jeansfor girls. With crop tops and bralettes so much in fashion, for bottom apparels, everyone’s first choice is a high waisted. These look better as they fit your natural waistline and cover your belly fat which is always a plus!

So, the next time you are out shopping for denim, opt for any of these beautiful trends in style right now. Whether it be branded or non-branded go for those that fit you and your body type. Just go for the right one and start experimenting with your style.

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