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Blazers for Women

The word blazer immediately brings winters to mind, but did you know that you can wear blazers throughout the year? That’s right! Blazers are not confined to thick winter coats, but have evolved to various styles and can be worn during different seasons, depending on their type. Blazers have become so versatile, that they are also able to bring class to an otherwise mundane outfit, be it casual or formal. There are so many types of blazers that a woman can now choose from based on her style and comfort level and can wear them for almost any function, be it a casual outing with friends, or a meeting at the office.

Leather Blazer:


Leather blazers are something every woman should own. They are classic and versatile and have the power to give almost any outfit an edge. You can wear them in the classic motorcycle style, which is casual and paired with jeans and combat boots, or you can even use it in a more classy way by pairing it with a cute dress and some ankle boots.

Printed Blazer:


When it comes to women’s summer jackets and blazers, the printed ones are the way to go. They are vibrant and add a lot of colour and personality to your outfit. They can be worn to formal events and also be used to style up casual outfits and give them more class.

Blazer Dress:


Blazer or tuxedo dresses are very chic and head-turners. Detailed with lapels and metallic buttons, you won’t be disappointed with one of these. You can pair your blazer dress with some lovely accessories like a clutch bag and some long earrings to add a bit of your own style to it.

Vintage Blazer:


For those who love all things vintage, a blazer is just what you need. These classic and timeless pieces can be paired with the items in your wardrobe to give you just the vintage chic look you want. These blazers are great for winter and can be either paired with a turtle neck top or a simple camisole with a pair of denim jeans of a darker shade. These blazers can also be paired with short printed dresses and a pair of ankle boots or flats.

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