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Fall Outfits

From preppy classics with a twist to the new wear-to-work look, there’s a new ensemble for everyone to try.

Of the many things to love about fall the crisp weather, that feeling of renewal and romance in the air, the foliage there is also the excitement of refreshing our wardrobes. Linens give way to cashmere, summer whites are replaced with lush jewel tones, minimalist sandals are stowed in favour of embroidered velvet slippers, and sun-kissed shoulders are swaddled in sumptuous scarves. And even if you have long ago mastered the perfect fall uniform, the changing of seasons is always a worthy excuse for a little shopping. Below, T&C looks to six singularly stylish women to inspire six effortlessly chic outfits for autumn.

New Style Bottoming Shirt Sweater:

A cosy sweater paired with a streamlined leather pencil skirt is an evergreen combination. But do as Renee Zellweger did and throw in a surprise—sporty accessories like Adidas sneakers and a smartwatch—to give the look an unexpected air of casual nonchalance.

V-Neck Sweatshirt:

It served two main purposes: Like the ribbing at the sleeves and at the hem, the ribbed insert allowed the wearer to more easily don the garment without it losing shape. As the wearer would get their head through the neck of the sweatshirt, the V-insert would stretch to accommodate.

Leather Midi Skirt:

So how do you wear a leather midi skirt? With a tucked-in blouse and pumps, it’s office-appropriate, or switch to sneakers for casual Friday. With a slouchy sweater and booties or heels, it’s perfect for a brunch shower, a holiday celebration, or a winter dinner party.

Superstar Shoes:

Originally made for basketball courts in the ’70s. Celebrated by hip-hop royalty in the ’80s. The Adidas Superstar shoe is now a lifestyle staple for streetwear enthusiasts. The world-famous shell toe feature remains, providing style and protection.

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