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Do you need someone to create and set up nice Facebook ads for your business?
No problem, i’m here for you!

For $30 I will Setup your New Facebook Ad Campaign with demographic research and target the Audience You Want to Reach on you FB page account.

I also optimize and Analyze your ADs Campaign.I will check the ads daily and adjust the campaign if required.


What can i offer for Ads Campaign :

  • Setup and optimize your Ad Campaign
  • Research some text and description related to your Ads
  • Setting up your Ads With Target Audience/Target Market /Target Area.
  • Give you technical Support And Solution after deliver the order for 1 Week.

  I can created Fb Ads Campaign as following types listed out :

  • Local Awareness for your Brand or Business campaign.
  • Promote your FB page for Like Campaign.
  • Post engagement.
  • Get Video View
  • Promote your Product for Sale Campaign.
  • Sign up on your website campaign.
  • Promote you Blog or Services or Website.
  • Adjust Daily or weekly or  monthly budget as per your requirement.


You have to make me advertiser on your facebook ads manager & editor of FB page.

Note:- Budget of Facebook Ads paid by you.

Thanks for visiting my Gig!!


Looking Forward Your Order !!




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