Samina Orthopedic Pillow 100% Organic – Virgin Sheep Wool Delta Low – Bio Ceramic for Healthy Sleep 




Healthy sleep starts at the head

Relax, refresh, renew – every night full of regeneration and deep relaxation allows us to be in top form during the day. SAMINA is all you could dream of for a good night’s sleep.”

A proper pillow is essential to good sleep. SAMINA has created pillows made from organic materials such as sheep‘s wool, natural rubber, spelt, millet, kapok and swiss stone pine giving you a comfortable solution to a sound sleep.

From an orthopedic point of view, the correct pillow is vital for optimal relaxation and support of the sensitive cervical spine. The specifications for maximum pillow support are many. SAMINA, in collaboration with experts in the field, has created a generation of pillows that meet all the very different requirements.

The orthopedic pillow is crucial for the ideal comfortable relaxation and anatomic support of the sensitive cervical spine. There are multiple requirements that are placed on a pillow for optimal support. In collaboration with experts, a generation of pillows was created by SAMINA to meets the diverse needs of individual bodies. The key advantages are the design, size, nature of materials used and the different natural (not synthetic) fillings from virgin sheep’s wool to spelt and millet and even stone pine shavings.

SAMINA Bio-Ceramic

  • For Toasty-Warm Sleeping
    Fantastically warm sleeping pleasure. The fusion of various minerals enables unique SAMINA bio-ceramic pads, blankets and cushions to absorb and store the infrared radiation of daylight. In co-operation with specialists SAMINA succeeded in bundling the unique energies of various minerals into an organic cotton-ceramic-fabric. Thereby, heat- and moisture-balance get well-balanced during sleep. Bio-ceramic bedding support detoxification and stress reduction of the body and thus provide more energy.

  • It is all depending on the cover
    A special combination of 60% organic cotton and 40% bio-ceramic yarn is the basis for a further innovation of SAMINA. This natural fabric is enwrapping the pure, organic sheep wool of SAMINA. Soft and cuddly pads, pillows and blankets are formed, what leads to a cosy, dry and warm bed environment.

  • Healthy infrared radiation due to bio-ceramic-fabric
    The fusion of various minerals enables the bio-ceramic-fabric to absorb and store the infrared radiation of daylight. During the night, this infrared radiation is activated by body heat and gets delivered to the body. Infrared rays have a proven positive effect on the human body. They support the important microcirculation and thus provide for an optimal balance of the natural energy of your body.

  • Negative ions support sleep
    The pyroelectric minerals used are even able to convert absorbed heat into electrical charges. This produces negative ions, which have a soporific effect. Due to the wavelength of the far-infrared rays, the body gets naturally warmer without increasing the ambient temperature. This is especially valuable for people who feel cold quickly and have a higher demand for warmth during sleep. These positive characteristics of bio-ceramic-fibers have an impact on the regeneration and improvement of the sleeping process. This enables you, to enjoy “wellness during sleep” every night what definitely will have a positive effect on your condition and well-being.

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Bio-Ceramic Cotton, Cotton, Natural Rubber, Sheep Wool


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