Darwin Leather Backpack

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Conqueror of the world and master of his universe, this man is equipped to overcome any obstacle. He is smart and portrays a sense of confidence. Fashionable but with a level of practicality. This man sees no boundaries, transitioning easily, adapting to his surroundings.

The Darwin leather backpack is designed for the modern explorer. Its tough leather blending into the outdoors and the high quality finish withstanding the harsh elements of nature.

The Darwin leather backpack, named after the English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin. Born in 1809, he is best known for his contribution to his theory of evolution. The theory dictated that all species evolved from an earlier, simpler form and through a process of natural selection, evolution occurs.

The Darwin leather backpack is the evolutionary successor of the former schoolboy bag. A better equipped, higher quality variation.

Features :

  • Color : Light brown
  • Materials : Leather
  • Brass : Metal Work
  • Bag Type : Backpack
  • Dimensions : 31 x 15 x 41 cm
  • 2 Side Buckle Pockets
  • 1 Front Buckle Pocket
  • 1 Inside Zip Pocket
  • Drawstring and Flap Closure

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Light Brown


Bag Type





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