SAMINA Philosophy

SAMINA is a family business committed to helping people sleep better and have more energy to live life to its fullest. Established in Austria in 1989, SAMINA is located in the naturally beautiful mountain town of Frastanz, Vorarlberg. The vision to help people achieve healthy sleep became a reality through the work of Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, a renowned sleep psychologist and health expert who is the founder of Bioenergetic Sleep® and the inventor of the SAMINA healthy sleep concept. With an ongoing commitment to his vision, SAMINA continues to create products that improve the quality of people’s lives by making healthy sleep a reality. Dr. Guenther W. Amann-Jennson’s contribution to healthy sleep is not limited to his development of SAMINA products. As author of the bestselling books “Healthy Sleep” and “Sleep for Youth, Fitness and Success”, he continues to share his knowledge and experience extensively.

SAMINA offers a range of products that meet the widely accepted, well-known orthopedic, materials and biological building requirements for the best sleep quality known today in the fields of sleep medicine, hygiene and bed environment.

All this makes SAMINA an innovative leader in the field of healthy sleep whose products offer the opportunity to make any sleeping area a place of relaxation, regeneration and Bioenergetic Sleep®.

Building Biology is joyful science that leads to natural healthy ecological homes, schools, and workplaces that exist in harmony with the planetary environment.

Source: International Institute for Building Biology® and Ecology

“Over the last 25 years, we have pursued the SAMINA vision, to create products that improve the quality of peoples’ lives. Today this vision is a reality and we continue to support our customers in achieving better sleep and living healthier, fitter and more successful lives.” – Dr. Guenther W. Amann-Jennson, SAMINA Founder


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